What is with Chatime and Me? *not sponsored

Well, when I was in college, I have this favorite drink, Chatime. I tend to get sentimental when I talk about Chatime. This very particular drink, help me enjoy through my day as a college student in Bandung, you know living in this city without family member, sometimes can be a dull. Therefore, I am looking for comfort by drinking Chatime like almost once every two weeks for 4 years. That is crazy, I know. How much sugar intake I consume. Nevertheless, Chatime always has special place in my heart, it is part of my adolescent days. After finishing college, I go home and not drinking chatime for 2 years straight. Oh you know how I feel, craving for something but cannot have it? Then finally, in December 2018, I saw a sign saying, “Chatime Coming Soon” in Mall Botania 2. My prayers has answered. Next thing I knew, they are going to open four branches in Batam. Hope they still taste as good. I guess we will see that on February 6th in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall Batam.

My favorite is : Taro Milk Tea with Boba Topping


chatime 2

Screenshot_2019-01-30 Chatime Las Vegas 🌱 on Instagram “MATCHA with Pearl Topped with Sea Salt Mousse 📍 chatimelv 👇🏼TAG[...].png

Picture Credit :  Chatime Las Vegas

Icons made by Eucalyp from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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