Finally Rick is back at the game! The Burning Maze is funnier than The Dark Prophecy, (yes, I’ve been giggling through the whole book). What I like about the 3rd book of Trials of Apollo are:

  1. Things got way more complicated than the 2nd book;
  2. If you miss Piper and Jason, now is the right time to start reading;
  3. The Arrow of Dodona is really funny. Can you imagine and arrow bust on anger using Shakespeare language. Big fan!;
  4. You can learn several backstories from your favorite charatecters;
  5. Jason. Ah where do I begin? He’s so cool. such a nobel gentleman.
  6. Rick, please stop toying with my heart. First Leo, and now … (no spoiler), My heart is aching;
  7. I wish I can meet the characters in real life;
  8. As the book thin out, I’m not ready to finish it. I shiver profusely wondering how they’ll be;
  9. There are a lot of surprise.

and my final words, you SHOULD read this book.

Posted by:Tria Dara Barlian

04:07 we can start to send out messages in a bottle, we can sing, write poetry, produce books, and blogs activities, stemming from the realization that people around us won't ever fully get us, but that others separated across time and space might.

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