The Burning Maze – Rick Riordan English Edition

Finally Rick is back at the game! The Burning Maze is funnier than The Dark Prophecy, (yes, I’ve been giggling through the whole book). What I like about the 3rd book of Trials of Apollo are:

  1. Things got way more complicated than the 2nd book;
  2. If you miss Piper and Jason, now is the right time to start reading;
  3. The Arrow of Dodona is really funny. Can you imagine and arrow bust on anger using Shakespeare language. Big fan!;
  4. You can learn several backstories from your favorite charatecters;
  5. Jason. Ah where do I begin? He’s so cool. such a nobel gentleman.
  6. Rick, please stop toying with my heart. First Leo, and now … (no spoiler), My heart is aching;
  7. I wish I can meet the characters in real life;
  8. As the book thin out, I’m not ready to finish it. I shiver profusely wondering how they’ll be;
  9. There are a lot of surprise.

and my final words, you SHOULD read this book.

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