Educated – Tara Westover English Edition

I describe this book Intense, empowering, and an eye oppening. Everytime I turn to new page, I felt Tara told to me the story by herself. She showered me with strange and new words, it pop up like fungus in the rain. I didn’t want to put a way my reading, It was so powerful. My eyes had opened about another tradition and how people live their life in another country.

Tara life was traumatic and too cruel. She suffered through her childhood, I still can’t cope how she handle that life. In the end she did crack, yet to manage herself rose from the dark. From girl who never attend school she pull herself to get an academic qualification Doctor of Philosophy (PHD).

I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to education, I was born in family that care about it. I never knew how precious to taste education. And I felt guilty sometimes to took it for granted. I’m indeed lucky. Thank you Mom, Dad.

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