So, since this is october we’re gonna talk about horror movie (I guess), are movies about zombie movie belong to horror genre? I don’t know. So anyway let’s dive in, Zombieland – Double Tap (2019) is a sequel from Zombieland (2009). The reason I choose to watch this movie because of Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone. I think they’re great actor.

I know this movie can improve to be better, but I do appreciate the joke, the development of characters and plot twist. (Spoiler alert) I really thought they’re gonna die. Sob. I just don’t think they should list all of the weapons they got from White House and explain the history. By the way, If you can not stand puke, please don’t watch Zombieland. This movie is not friendly to people who easily vomit. When they turn into zombie, it got real nasty. Ew.

But I do have a good laugh, you can say this movie is a mood booster. And makes me wonder, will I survive if there’s a zombie apocalypse? Did I mention they have a cool outfit? Can I have one set please.

Posted by:Tria Dara Barlian

04:07 we can start to send out messages in a bottle, we can sing, write poetry, produce books, and blogs activities, stemming from the realization that people around us won't ever fully get us, but that others separated across time and space might.

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