Why Him? Why Her? – Book Review

I started to understand that we are inded a unique soul, each of us have several different traits from each other. At first, its hard for me to resonate why people are so different and why they make several quetionable decision in their life. That puzzled me. Now at least I got a glimpse of their mind, like the sayin’

you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them

Lee Harper

So I decided to read this book because I wonder why I fall into a certain type of man. I found this book by watching Helen Fisher’s talk when I tried to find what is the meaning of loving someone. Is it because the physical trait, personality or just random? I keep saying, “That makes sense!” In reading paragraph after paragraph in this book. But I also acknowledge that each of us is unique, and there are no human is exactly similar with others, because we have different life, story, and knowledge.

I totally recomend you to read this, all the essence of how to live in harmony with our partner. So many insight and perspective about people preference, the characteristics of people, and how to understand people better. Because this book is based on biology research, you can also see the science behind of it. Fisher is using a daily life example to explain man/woman behaviour.

I like the closing of the book, it said:

Love can endure—bringing a lifetime of laughter and adventure, fulfilling sex, fascinating conversations, warm experiences with children, kin and friends and lasting feelings of passion and union with another.

But you have to pick the right partner. Perhaps you are an Explorer who is attracted to a play mate, a Builder who wants to find a help mate, a Director who will choose a mind mate or a Negotiator who gravitates to a soul mate. Regardless of whom you seek, you have eavesdropped on Mother Nature. You know more about the hand that you’ve been dealt. And you have learned a number of Nature’s secrets about romance.

Use these secrets. There will always be magic to love. But knowledge is power. If you know who you are, what you seek and how you and others love, you can capture that magic, find and keep real love, and make your dreams come true.

Happy reading readers 💜

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