A Story about Ingenious Post Graduate Alumnus

So I ask him, what does it feel to be one of 39.000ish lecturer who have doctorate certificate? He said, nothing ordinary. He told me that he like to be foolish when he was young. Teacher will get mad at him and curse him. He feel like he’s being challenged to prove anybody who underestimate him wrong. He said, “There’s nothing special about my story.” He doesn’t feel his life is interesting though. But I do enjoy having conversation with him because he’s easy to talk to and I am indeed have several good laugh.

What unique about him is that only several people to my knowledge that have doctorate certificate who achieve it under 30s. I got to give him a credit for that. I decided to ask his story because why on earth people want to get through college to achieve doctorate certificate without having a gap year. Aren’t that hard? He acknowledge since he was a child, his parents taught him not to over think, just do what you gotta do. Relax and be flexible. He said that is one of the reasons why he’s able to face obstacles in life. Also, his parents have a dream that one of their child will have doctorate certificate. He told me he love studying but he hate reading, so he found the loophole, in order to satisfy his thirst on knowledge, he decided to attend college.

At first he wanted to be a researcher, not a lecturer. But when he keep digging to find out about communication world, he found his passion. He said he need to be more grateful in life because Allah SWT has given him a lot of pleasure. One of that matter is being a lecturer in Padjadjaran University. He said his bachelor life shape his mindset to think critically because in IPB University (When he was a bachelor) student usually need to find solution by his own. He said, “Wherever majors you come from, it help you to shape your mindset.” He told me one of his ways to be close and make student understand with his courses is to equalize his way to communicate and be in the same frequency with them.

His research is about virtual identity. He claim that we’re the one who control it. That identity is projected because of social interaction by virtual world. But the front stage of virtual identity usually is different from the back stage, according to him only our family is the one who knew who we really are. He said, one of the things why people do that because it can change his/her past and identity by changing his virtual identity.

That make think, did I try to achieve something when I make a writing in this website? Hmm. But I think I have different value from his research objects. I write because I love it, I keep found and understanding myself over and over again. Writing activity actually help me to lose my nerve, and it some kind of therapeutic for me. Also, I want my successor knew a little story about me.

He told me he doesn’t have expectation, because when you expect something and it turn out to be something else, it can shake your core. Just living life without expectation. You need to appreciate the little things that you get. As a builder personality, sometimes I feel like I need to plan everything way ahead and that’s not healthy to stuck in your own dreams and ignoring the reality.

In the beginning of conversation I sense a bit of “hesitance” in him, maybe because it was our first encounter and it was weird having a stranger asking about your life. Duh. For that I say, I’m sorry in advance Pa Gem hehe. Thank you for deciding to share your story with me. Hope you doesn’t find me annoying. So ladies and gentleman, his name is Gema Nusantara Bakry. Wish you enjoy my story about him.

Picture credit : Tatiana Plakhova

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